ASAL Program

Ahmedabad Sanitation Action Lab

The Ahmedabad Sanitation Action Lab (ASAL) is a 3 year action research (2014-2017) for implementing innovative solutions to school sanitation and sanitation problems in slums and slum-like settlements of Ahmedabad, in coordination with the government, NGOs and corporate partners. ASAL is led by the Urban Management Centre (UMC) in partnership with Government of Gujarat (GoG) and the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC). The program is supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). ASAL's resource partners include Sintex Industries Ltd. (Sintex) and its associate partners include Mahila Housing Trust (MHT), MICA and Theatre Media Centre (TMC).

The program provides technical assistance to AMC for strengthening community engagement, improving operational and management processes for provision of water-sanitation services, and designing a targeted behavior change communication campaign. ASAL will align its activities with the recently announced Swachh Bharat Mission by the Government of India and the Mahatma Gandhi Swachhta Mission of the Government of Gujarat. Municipal schools will be at the core of the intervention by introducing students to concepts of water-sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Students will become the ambassadors of change and will bring WASH learning to their homes and neighborhoods. Lessons from the program will be disseminated to other cities across India.

ASAL provides support to the Swachh Bharat Mission through design of e-courses for city managers on various aspects of sanitation. These e-courses have been uploaded on the e-course portal ( of the SBM. 

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