Sanitation Mapping,Visakhapatnam

Urban Management Centre undertook a technical research based on which Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) made an action plan in order to realize its vision of a Swachh Visakhapatnam. Visakhapatnam Sanitation Mapping was a project with Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor Advisory (WSUP-A India) and funded by USAID. The project was under the broader objective of Swachh Bharat Mission and the following activities were carried out by UMC under this project:

  • Technical audit of each and every public as well as community toilet in the city - assessing the all aspects of adequacy of the toilet
  • Technical audit of each and every open defecation spot (enlisted by GVMC) and discovering new observed spots - assessing each location in respect to types of users and reasons behind open defecation.
  • Conducting Focus Group Discussions at selected slums and Key Informant Interviews at strategic public places to bring qualitative narrative on the practice of open defecation, in addition to that obtained through technical audit of OD spots and PT/CTs.
  • Understanding the existent mechanism of database capture / recording, and organization in GVMC and assessing how it could be improved towards the specific objective of better implementation of SBM activities
  • Collection and appropriate organization of key secondary data, directly or indirectly related to sanitation, and enlisted by WSUP-A. An excel-based Knowledge Management (KM) tool was developed for use by officials at GVMC.
  • Maps representing existent sanitation infrastructure/situation as well as various analysis maps were prepared. A Ward Atlas was prepared with OD spots and PT/CTs so that GVMC officials may utilize it for re-survey activities.
  • A host of recommendations to GVMC were given based on assessment of existing situation, survey and discussions with WSUP-A


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