Training & Capacity Building

UMC understands that continued education is essential to improve efficiency and skills of city managers - training and capacity building exercises enable better understanding of obstacles and encourage faster solutions.

At UMC, we combine our network of experts, resource people and training organizations with adult learning methodologies, tailor-made capacity building plans, study tours and internships tools to create specific training programs. We have conducted a series of training programs for local government associations in India and South Asia to strengthen the functioning of the associations and initiate technical programs for their membership. We firmly believe these programs help urban local officials acquire a better understanding of the changing dynamics of cities, improve legal and administrative frameworks and enhance management skills.

We have developed specific tools and frameworks for assessing training needs and capacity enhancement needs for urban institutions and urban local bodies. UMC also uses various audio-visual tools like films and documentaries in its training programs.

We have also written manuals on conducting training assessments for urban local bodies

  • Capacity Enhancement and Needs Assessment (CENA) study for Gujarat Urban Development Company (GUDC) supported by the World Bank to assess the capacity building requirements of select city governments of Gujarat
  • Created a Training Needs Assessment program and designed a capacity building strategy for Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC)
  • Assisted National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) prepare a Training Needs Assessment Manual

UMC has facilitated numerous training programs, workshops and study tours for delegations from Indonesia, Ethiopia, Thailand, Nepal, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, Japan, USA, China, Sweden and Netherlands. We extended our training to Indonesian and Sri Lankan Local Government Associations and cities for setting up Performance Measurement Systems to enhance urban development work and develop the system as a management and analytical tool to evaluate and program.

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