Communication Design

Communication empowers! UMC believes that communication holds the key to successful implementation of projects that ultimately affect the lives of citizens. Governments envision change but at times are unable to implement them due to inability in involving and informing citizens. Successful implementation of reforms and policy change requires an effective communication strategy that works like a binding material – inspiring people to demand change, participate in the process and eventually advocate putting into effect the change. UMC successfully designs effective communication strategies for the target audience as it knows that a well-designed strategy creates an environment of understanding, harmony and co-operation among the stakeholders. UMC offers a balanced mix of knowledge in areas of urban planning and communication.

  • UMC designed communication strategies for Mumbai Transformation Project, India
  • Created a communication strategy for effective Solid Waste Management in Mumbai
  • UMC designed an A/V campaign called ‘Water Connect’ to motivate citizens to take municipal water connections as part of its Post-Tsunami Recovery Program in Nagapattinam and Cuddalore, India
  • Drafted a communication strategy for preservation of East Kolkata Wetlands
  • UMC is currently preparing communication material for the SWM campaign in Ahmedabad city by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
  • UMC has made short films based on the UMC’s initiatives in different areas; published detailed accounts of various projects and 2 coffee table books

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