Urban Health Management

UMC aims at helping local governments provide healthy living conditions to its urban populace by improved environmental and health infrastructure. Local governments have the mechanisms/vehicles, infrastructure and mandate to deliver health programs. UMC facilitates partnerships between cities in India, South Asian regions and the United States of America for sharing of successful initiatives. UMC also helps in mapping health services and health indicators on a GIS platform to identify priority areas. UMC undertakes detailed analysis of health service delivery of local governments and prepares city health plans.

  • UMC has prepared City Health Plans under the NUHM framework for cities of Pune, Jaipur and Bhubaneshwar.
  • UMC is working on a Performance Assessment System (PAS) of urban water and sanitation in urban local bodies across Gujarat
  • UMC also documented case studies of city governments undertaking HIV/AIDS prevention programs
  • Prepared a detailed project report under National Urban Health Mission for upgradation of urban health infrastructure of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Gujarat
  • UMC facilitated a program through City-city partnership where Ahmedabad and Vishakhapatnam joined for an HIV/AIDS initiatives with financial support from USAID

Representative Projects

Urban Health Plan for Ahmedabad under NUHM

Model city health plans for Pune, Jaipur and Bhubhaneshwar under NUHM


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