City-City Partnerships

UMC affects change by exchange of innovations between local governments within India, in the South Asian region and the United States of America. These partnerships are based on the idea that local governments worldwide face similar urban governance issues and exchange of knowledge, expertise and experience aids development of solutions. UMC plays the role of facilitator and catalyst for these exchanges and provides tools like study tours, seminars, presentations and internships to help recipient cities overcome hurdles. It has created successful partnerships among cities and organizations in India, Afghanistan, US and other South Asian cities.

  • Post-Tsunami Reconstruction CityLinks partnership between Tamil Nadu’s Cuddalore and Nagapattinam municipalities and cities of Florida/USA with financial support from USAID
  • Ahmedabad and Vishakhapatnam partnership on HIV/AIDS initiatives with financial support from USAID
  • Jabalpur, India and Sacramento County, USA’s partnership with financial support from USAID on project to improve road conditions and facilitate Solid Waste Management
  • Bangalore, India and Reno, Nevada, USA’s partnership with financial support from USAID to improve service delivery facilities and create citizen participation 
  • Indore, India and Garland-Texas, USA’s partnership with financial support from USAID to work on the Indian city’s revenue base and communication strategy

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