Study Tours

UMC undertakes programs for city managers to increase their understanding of cities and working dynamics, study cities' legal and administrative framework to improve management skills — this is done through national and international study tours and training programs. UMC's strength lies in developing tailor made and culturally appropriate tours and courses to suit training needs of the target audiences. UMC facilitates these tours to ensure that participants are able to contextualize the learning for their local governments.

  • Study tour for Kotte Municipal Corporation officials to Bangalore Municipal Corporation and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation in 2005
  • Study tour for CMAs of Karnataka and Orissa board members and coordinators to US cities Minneapolis, Apple Valley, Bloomington, Ramsey etc of Minnesota state in collaboration with ICMA (Washington DC)
  • Training program for Indonesian local government associations on Best Practice Documentation with support from BIGG (a USAID project of ICMA in Indonesia) and CMA Gujarat in India
  • Best Practices study tour of Afghan Municipal Corporation officials to Indian cities of Hyderabad and Ahmedabad
  • Study tour of Nepal municipal delegates to three Indian cities to help them gain practical knowledge in urban governance
  • Study tour of municipal staff from Sri Lanka to Bangalore to improve Good Governance Resource Centres of Sri Lanka with local governance practices

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