Performance Assessment System (PAS)

UMC knows that in urban India, access to water and sanitation services is extensive but there is lack of information about the quality and level of services and coverage of poor households. To improve the sector and attract investments for its development, it is important to assess the prevailing system and its sustainability.

We are currently working on the Performance Assessment Systems (PAS) for Urban Water Supply and Sanitation in ULBs of Gujarat, India (2009-14). The aim of PAS is to measure, monitor and improve performance assessment of the municipal water supply and sanitation services in urban areas in 400 urban local governments in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. UMC is implementing this program in Gujarat in partnership with the Center for Environmental Planning and Technology, Ahmedabad (CEPT). The five-year project, funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has three main components: Performance Measurement, Performance Monitoring and Performance Improvement.

The main objectives of the project are to :

  • develop and implement a performance measurement system for regular and reliable Urban Water Supply and Sanitation (UWSS) information. The PAS framework is aligned with Government of India's Service Level Benchmarking (SLB) framework
  • design and share results with city governments, state government agencies, other stakeholders and various media through performance monitoring and dissemination system for use in decision making, providing incentives and influencing demands
  • facilitate development of performance improvement plans by city with support fromstate government, NGOs and the private sector

At UMC, we have assessed performance of all 167 cities of Gujarat for four years. Till date, we have helped create baseline databases, have collected and analyzed data—the collated data is monitored for performance on various benchmarks and the information database will help decision makers and local governments bring efficiency in service delivery, effective budget allocation and inclusive coverage.

UMC is now working with few ULBs to support improvements in the data reliability as well as actual service delivery under the following themes:

  • septage management in non-sewered cities
  • low cost waste water treatment methods
  • public grievance redressal systems
  • management information system for improved reliability of data
  • drinking water surveillance procedures for ULBs

We conduct training programs for local body officials to train them in performance assessment.We are also actively involved in documentation of the PAS—we have made bilingual movies ‘Performance Measurement and Improvement’ and ‘Efficient Water Quality Monitoring’; published a catalogue on leading practices named “What Works” in English and Gujarati; publish a quarterly newsletter ‘Jaldarshan’ .

Performance Improvement Planning (PIP) and Information System Improvement Planning (ISIP)

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