City Development Plans, Mandsaur District, Madhya Pradesh

Rapid urbanization and increasing urban population have resulted in immense pressure on cities to provide basic services to residents. To address this challenge in small and medium towns, UMC prepared the City Development Plans (CDP) for Malhargarh, Narayangarh, Nagri, Sitamau, Shamgarh, Garoth and Bhanpura cities in Mandsaur District, Madhya Pradesh. The CDPs were prepared as per the guidelines prepared by Urban Administration & Development Department (UADD), Government of Madhya Pradesh (adopted from JNNURM guidelines). UMC conducted assessment of the town’s physical and social infrastructural needs, municipal management systems, local economic development alternatives and financial health of the urban local bodies. CDP addresses urban issues directly by providing a tangible action plan with key objectives of making cities manageable by being well governed; competitive by enhancing economic productivity; bankable by creating an environment which supports financial investments; and liveable by creating high quality infrastructure and ensuring sustainability.

UMC conducted exhaustive data collection, built spatial and non-spatial database of the cities, conducted numerous city-wide public consultations and prepared technical assessment notes for all sectors. Based on the assessment, stakeholder’s vision for development and technical expertise of UMC, the key recommendations of the CDPs included

  • introducing database management system
  • strengthening technical and financial municipal capacity through intensive training and capacity building programmes
  • finding sustainable monitoring systems for engagement of private sector
  • effective measure for conservation of heritage and local economic development
  • finding innovative and contextual (to small cities) solutions to various infrastructure challenges. One such example included proposing decentralised waste water management system based on local topography of the town.

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