City Sanitation Plan, Ahmedabad

UMC has developed a City Sanitation Plan for Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, the local governing body responsible for the civic infrastructure of Ahmedabad.

The City Sanitation Plan (CSP) is aimed at developing and maintaining a clean, safe and pleasant physical environment to promote social, economic and physical well-being of all sections of the population. It encompasses plan of action for achieving 100% sanitation in the city through demand generation and awareness campaign, sustainable technology selection, construction and maintenance of sanitary infrastructure, provision of services, O&M issues, institutional roles and responsibilities, public education, community and individual action, regulation and legislation.

We have facilitated formation of a multi-stakeholder City Sanitation Task Force with the AMC and have been involved in the project since its inception—data collection, analysis of information, and have facilitated consultations with multitude of stakeholders.

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City Sanitation Plan, Ahmedabad
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