Heritage Management Plan for Uran, Mumbai

The Deulwadi precinct of Uran was delineated by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region – Heritage Conservation Society (MMR-HCS) to formulate an action plan to conserve the tangible and non-tangible heritage of Uran. UMC was roped in by MMR-HCS to prepare an action plan for management of the heritage precinct.

Uran is part of the Navi Mumbai city township in Raigarh district near Panvel and Karjat, Maharashtra. Situated to the east of Mumbai, Uran has developed over time and due to proximity to Mumbai – this closeness has also led to increasing urbanization pressures which is tearing apart the versatility and culture of the area. The new developments do not have any connection with the existing heritage creating the need for urgent steps for preservation and conservation. The Deulwadi precinct is a core and oldest area of Uran town located near Bhimala talao. The precinct consists of the Deulwadi Sansthan chowk, a series of temples located in Temple Street, Ganpati chowk and peripheral road of Bhimala talao.

The objective of the study assigned to UMC was to
  • Evaluate current status and condition of precinct through detailed documentation and analysis of key issues
  • Identify schematic projects, programmes for conservation of precincts through participation of local communities and stakeholders
  • Formulate financial, institutional and regulatory strategies for project implantation, phasing, operation and maintenance
  • Prepare draft guidelines for conservation of heritage process

As per the requirement of the project, UMC worked on plan formulated for efficiency. The organization initially mobilized a team of experts to study, analyze and understand the area and conduct survey on the primary and secondary history of the region and precinct which was followed by a detailed documentation of the data collected during the initial study. UMC then identified and assigned significance to issues found during the survey along with discussions with owners of the heritage to understand value. Following the detailed understanding, research of the area, UMC has developed and action plan which aims at identifying and highlighting the vision of the project and the strategies to be employed for the same. UMC has identified the actions and regulations that will form a part of the project and related programmes. The organization has identified the funding mechanism for the project and programme and institutional mechanism required to implement the devised action plan.

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