Documentation and Transfer of Leading Practices

Urban local governments across the world face similar governance issues. Many cities have taken successful innovative steps to meet challenges of service delivery; it is necessary to identify and document such initiatives to facilitate discussion and analysis of these ideas. UMC believes that dissemination of innovative practices encourages city managers to adapt and evolve new ideas in the local context leading to the establishment of new paradigms for effective urban governance and efficient urban management. UMC has a database of over 300 leading practices from across the globe. UMC regularly documents and disseminate these initiatives to city managers.

  • Prepared the Best Practices Catalogue across states of India in 2003
  • Prepared Leading Practices catalogue of initiatives from Gujarat cities, India for the Vibrant Gujarat, Urban Summit in 2005
  • Prepared leading practices documentation of initiatives from mega cities of India for the Mega Cities Association
  • Prepared a leading practice catalogue of initiatives taken by local governments in the field of HIV/AIDS
  • Documented leading practices for local governments of Sri Lanka

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