Urban Health Plan for Ahmedabad under NUHM

Haphazard urbanization has led to growth of slums with poor living conditions and lack of basic amenities, such as safe garbage disposal and availability of drinking water and sanitation. The health of urban poor is significantly worse than the rest of the urban population and is often comparable to the health condition in rural areas. Utilization and reach of primary health care services is poor among urban slum communities despite physical proximity to advanced health care facilities.

The Government has launched the National Urban Health Mission (NUHM) to deal with health concerns of the urban poor by facilitating fair access to quality health care through establishing a robust primary public health care system, targeted outreach services and active engagement and involvement of slum communities. State Departments of Health and Family Welfare and urban local bodies will receive financial support from the Union Government under NUHM to upgrade health services in cities. To access the national funding, implementing agencies are required to prepare City Health Plans (CHP).

UMC provided technical assistance to Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) to prepare the CHP and the associated budget for strengthening the urban health systems in Ahmedabad. UMC worked in close co-ordination with the AMC health staff to detail out the existing health situation in the city including identifying the key focus areas and vulnerable groups, listing and mapping of slums, slum like areas and health facilities, conducting gap analysis in terms of staffing and infrastructure and developing strategies to improve the health care delivery system.

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 Excerpt from city health plan of Ahmedabad, 2013 prepared under NUHM