Training on Affordable Housing and Slum Improvement, Gujarat

More than 7 lakh households in Gujarat live in slums in poor and unhygienic living conditions, with limited access to basic amenities. There is a pressing need for bringing slum dwellers out of poverty and providing them with a shelter with all basic amenities. Important State and national government schemes have recently been announced that provide impetus to realize the vision of a slum free India. Rajiv Awas Yojana (RAY) is a scheme launched by the Union Government to provide financial assistance to urban local bodies to upgrade/ redevelop slums, bring them in the formal system and enable slum dwellers to avail all basic amenities. Similarly the Mukhyamantri Gruha Yojna (MGY), a scheme by Government of Gujarat provides subsidies to ULBs and other government bodies to create a stock of new affordable housing. 22 lakh units are targeted to be constructed in urban areas under the MGY.

The Affordable Housing Mission (AHM), Government of Gujarat has decided to undertake a series of workshops on affordable housing in different regions of Gujarat to inform and update city officials on these programs to enable them to make best use of the financial assistance available through RAY and MGY. The Urban Management Centre is the technical advisor to the AHM for this initiative, for providing knowledge management support, designing workshop format, developing training modules and conducting the trainings.

UMC along with AHM is organizing a series of workshops under this initiative in different regions of Gujarat. The target audience for these workshops is chief officers, engineers and planners from urban local bodies, officers from development authorities and Gujarat Housing Board, consultant architects, developers, contractors and NGOs working in the fields of community driven housing, slum improvement, affordable housing and livelihood programs. The workshop format is designed to encourage peer-to-peer learning and includes a mix of presentations, films and interactions with government and non-government stakeholders involved in implementing slum redevelopment and affordable housing programs in various cities of Gujarat.

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