Listing and Grading of Built Heritage (outside walled city), Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad city boasts of rich built and cultural heritage right from Karnavati to the walled city settled by Ahmed Shah to modern architectural marvels spread across the city. This represents the history of the community and makes the heritage of a city an integral part of urban life. Walled city of Ahmedabad is vying to be declared as Heritage city by UNESCO World Heritage guidelines. AMC is augmenting its existing list of heritage properties (walled city) by conducting survey of areas outside the walled city, i.e. 460 sqkm.

UMC is conducting an extensive and in-depth study of heritage properties of AMC jurisdiction (outside walled city, i.e. 460 sqkm). The study is aimed to put forward innovative ideas for revitalization of the sites by various measures.

UMC conducted secondary literature survey by meeting people who have knowledge of history, cultural fabrics of Ahmedabad. The UMC team prepared a comprehensive form for listing of heritage properties. The form includes information about age of building, ownership, use of building, construction material, architectural elements, response to community spaces, special elements like chabutras, wells, etc. The survey format was field tested and a team of architects, urban designer, historians, urban planners and archaeologists were trained to conduct field survey.

GIS platform is being used to generate thematic maps and conduct data analysis. UMC is currently grading the buildings based on INTACH’s framework for grading of heritage.