CityCollect - Android App

Urban Management Centre (UMC) has developed an android based app named ‘CityCollect’ in 2013. UMC developed an android based app named ‘CityCollect’ in 2013. The app is a data collection, survey and a mapping tool. CityCollect was prepared as a generic app which could be used by city managers and citizens for their activities and projects. CityCollect allows an administrator to create new forms, create/ delete users, validate individual entry and edit/ overwrite entries filled by surveyors.

Mobile Interface of CityCollect

CityCollect includes features such as

1. Creation of a custom survey form

2. Geo-tagging survey forms (choosing the current location of the device or a manual entry of a different location)

3. Integration with Google Maps for navigational purposes

4. Clicking pictures using on-device camera

Special care has been taken while designing the graphical user interface of the app to make it user-friendly. One such feature is validation of the data filled using the app and a colour coding for successfully filled data. The tabs change colour upon completion of survey form, clicking atleast one photograph and geo-tagging a survey form. This ensures that all requisite information is captured on the field.

The app enables creation of ‘branches’ within a form. Branches are logical diversions from the main questionnaire based on the response.

PC Interface of CityCollect

The PC interface (referred as server interface) of CityCollect has been designed as a back-end support and database management tool. The server interface includes the following:

1. Create a user/ enumerator – create login for enumerators

2. Create a project – provide a title to the project

3. Design a form – create a questionnaire for survey (including branches)

4. Assign a project – allow enumerators to access the project.

5. View, edit, validate and/or delete entries made through the mobile app

6. Download data from the server in MS Excel format

7. View entries on Google Map interface 8. View photographs clicked using the mobile devices

In the next phase, UMC would explore the possibilities of crowd sourcing for various initiatives such as mark a heritage spot or report a problem in your neighourhood area and so on.

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